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Intelligent automation is adopted and implemented in companies in all industries to reduce operational complexity, increase agility and accelerate innovation while reducing associated costs. To compete in an era of globalization and rapid business change, the integration of intelligent technologies that reduce costs, increase scalability, improve accuracy, increase speed and make better use of human efforts is a priority. Together we make automation projects simple and effective! Whatever your field.

The power of experience

For over 15 years, we have been recognized as experts in the field of automation solutions that allow companies to simplify tasks and save them time and money. We hold the ISO 9001 standard in the field of quality for over 5 years.
We offer complete automation solutions that offer maximum flexibility and economic efficiency from suppliers recognized in their field. We are passionate about innovations and we are constantly enriching our portfolio with solutions that can change the future of your business for the better.

We are a turnkey service provider able to manage all elements of design, installation&integration, training, service and maintenance of equipment through our internal departments.

We provide spare parts, industrial components and consumables for a wide range of equipment and applications.

Our solutions portfolio

Our solutions will add value to your business by increasing the efficiency of processes. Solutions for identification and brand protection (marking, labeling, auto id, traceability), solutions for packaging and palletizing, for quality and safety control (weighing, inspection and detection, vision), solutions for metal processing and automation with industrial or collaborative robots. We are your partner on the road to increase profitability, adding our experience, competence and flexibility to your business. We invite you to add new dimensions to your business together!

It's time to transform your business together!

We don’t just offer you a piece of equipment: we offer you a solution, a reliable and functional solution, ready to bring productivity increases to your processes. To achieve your goals, you need a partner who speaks the language of your industry. We work together with our clients in partnership for a beneficial transformation of their processes. Over time, we have developed a comprehensive portfolio of expertise in industrial applications and established partnerships with many clients from different industries, many of whom have faced the same challenges that you probably have today. Your road to improved performance starts here!

Intelligent automation is reinventing our world for the better!

Automation increases business efficiency by:
Success requires a deep understanding of the challenges of your business. The experience of working with many of the leaders in different industries, the hundreds of projects successfully carried out by our teams and the ability to understand the particularities of each challenge you face differentiate us on the market.
An industry in which global competition is constantly growing requires intelligent systems for automating technological flows and flexible&adaptable logistics systems. With increasingly strict regulations regarding stocks and traceability, manufacturers of auto parts and accessories must have viable automatic parts identification systems available. Customised automation solutions represent another requirement of this industry.
Automation in the logistics industry reduces dependence on an increasingly volatile labor market, especially during peak periods. Automation can take over the many repetitive activities that logistics companies carry out, thus increasing the efficiency of the processes and allowing a higher yield in a smaller space. A software automation for the management of logistics operations guarantees more efficiency and control over logistics operations and the supply chain.
For a sector with a fast growth rate, but under cost pressure due to strong competition, the ability to combine high standards of quality and precision with maximum productivity, low production costs and fast process times is essential. Automation solutions, with increased flexibility in a wide range of processes, from assembly to checking and packaging, guarantee you the ability to respond dynamically to market demands and trends.
With the continuous need to obtain higher yield and reduce costs, manufacturers are looking for intelligent automation solutions to increase their productivity and reduce costs. The volatility of the labor force and therefore the need to automate processes, greater transparency in production and distribution through digitization in the distribution channels, as well as the reduction of expenses by optimizing operational costs, are all challenges that the industry is facing.

Why choose us?

What differentiates us from the rest? Responsiveness, flexibility, experience and genuine desire to help clients meet and regularly exceed their goals.

Complete Team

Team of sales consultants and internal departments of engineering, design and robotics. Each project we deal with is important and requires the same attention, so that we reach our main objective: the satisfaction of our clients. This is the principle by which we are guided as a team.

National coverage

We are where your company needs us, anywhere in the country. With 12 offices in the country and in continuous development, we are promptly at your disposal.
We offer a complete range of services designed for your business. The specialized service and maintenance team, with experience in the field. We use a collaborative approach with customer engineering teams where they exist or we can operate as an external service.


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