Manufacturing activities and material flows managed completely automatically are becoming more and more frequent attributes of modern production.

What is contributing to this wave of automation? Freeing human workers from dirty, boring or dangerous jobs; improving quality by eliminating errors and reducing variability; and the reduction of manufacturing costs by replacing the increasingly expensive personnel with more and more performing equipment and with convenient costs.

Today's most advanced automation systems have additional capabilities, allowing their use in environments that were not suitable for automation until now and allowing the creation of completely new sources of value in production.

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More and more companies are using robot automation for a growing number of applications. Robots were first used in industry in the early 1960s. They have come a long way since then. Robots can now be installed in less time and at a lower cost than in previous decades. The increase in their sales has dramatically lowered prices. With built-in state-of-the-art facilities, the robots feature quality improvements and regulated safety standards that translate into savings in labor costs and unscheduled downtime. Robots can also work 24/7, increasing production and thus minimizing downtime.
We offer robot maintenance services throughout the country with a team of specialized engineers.

automatizare roboti colaborativi

Collaborative robots

Collaborative robots or cobots offer flexible and accessible automation, and can be used in a variety of operations. Easy reprogramming, precision and consistency in operations are known factors for increasing the speed of production cycles and improved quality.

Companies use collaborative robots for a multitude of production tasks, from dangerous or repetitive to slow or tedious.

Our experience in the development of customized automation solutions with collaborative robots, for companies of any size and various applications, will be at your disposal to make the path of automation with collaborative robots easier.

automatizare roboti industriali

Industrial robots

Automation with industrial robots changes the face of production every day. Manufacturers around the world are implementing some form of automation to become more efficient, safer and, ultimately, to increase revenue.

Automation with industrial robots brings a high level of quality control in production, reduces losses, increases consistency in production and general productivity. Production cycles are faster than in the case of human work and robots can successfully do work with an increased degree of danger.

Industrial robots can address a wide range of applications, such as welding, material handling, palletizing, etc.

Trieurodata is the first partner VPP (Value Provider Partner)  ABB for robotics in Romania.

automatizare roboti autonomi

Autonomous robots

Replacing fixed conveyor systems with automated guided vehicles (AGV or AMR) allows companies to seamlessly reconfigure the flow of products and components between different workstations, allowing manufacturing sequences with completely different process steps to be completed in a fully automated way.

This type of flexibility offers a number of advantages: it facilitates shorter production times and a closer connection between demand and supply, accelerates the introduction of new products and simplifies the manufacture of highly customized products.



With so much technological potential at hand, how do companies decide on the best automation strategy? A successful automation strategy requires good decisions on several levels. Companies must choose which activities to automate, which level of automation to use (from simple programmable logic controllers to very sophisticated robots guided by sensors and intelligent algorithms) and which technologies to adopt.

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Competence dintr-o singura sursa: echipa cu cunostinte profunde si experienta care va ofera solutii la cheie.
Technology from leaders in automation: the use of the most appropriate technical solutions and mechatronic systems.
We cover all project stages:
– concept & design
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– support, service & maintenance

Industrial Software

From idea to implementation, we offer specialized assistance through our software department with many active projects in various industrial applications. Using industrial software applications, you get a more efficient production by increasing the flexibility, adaptability, scalability and availability of production, while reducing expenses.

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Dedicated team with experience in the field for:

– servicii de integrare software

– local or remote support

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Regardless of whether we are talking about the automation of basic processes or you need something completely customized, we provide you with solutions for challenges of any kind.

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