Packaging Solutions

Our goal is to offer you complete packaging solutions that reduce the total cost, while increasing the productivity of your processes. We provide you with packaging solutions adapted to the requirements of your business.



Packaging equipment by counting and weighing

Accurate and efficient counting and weighing packaging solutions for hardware products (screws, nuts, nails, rivets, welding materials, bearings, plugs, handles, profiles, O-rings, springs and many other components). We offer you equipment with:✔️ High-performance equipment – from semi-automatic machines to complete lines✔️ Easy integration with customized packaging solutions. Flexible counting and weighing systems can be perfectly integrated with other machines or procedures upstream (production) or downstream (packaging), to ensure the most efficient performance and continuity of the work flow.✔️ Wide range of packaging options: bags, boxes, cardboard boxes, blisters and plastic boxes

Packaging in shrink film, multipack and batching

Wrapping individual products in shrink film (wheel covers, tool kit, metal objects, etc.)

Multipack with wraparound cardboard

Multipack with adhesive tape and self-adhesive labels

Bundle with stretch or shrink film

Handles Application

Bundle packaging applications with stretch or heat-shrinkable film: cardboard boxes with different products in the composition, the automotive industry (wheel covers, components, etc.), the electrical and electronics industry (lighting fixtures, cables, electrical components), the woodworking industry (panels wood, for example furniture component parts, parquet), plastic industry (adhesive tape, plastic components), industrial products in canisters, drums, cans or aerosols (paint, industrial liquids), large metal parts (for example radiators, large metal parts

Packaging in Cardboard Trays

Multipack packaging solutions (collective packages) with CARTON.

Ensures an improved presence in terms of product visibility on the shelf thanks to the generous promotion space offered by the multipack packaging
Sustainable packaging, without glue and without using plastic
Collective packages resistant even when wet
Excellent print quality with clear, visible graphics that help grab attention on the shelf
For bottles of any kind, cans, glasses, packaging for liquid products

Packaging in cardboard trays with tray formation. Batching the multipack in shrink film.

Packaging in American Cardboard Boxes

Packaging solutions in carton boxes are a simple, cheap and general-purpose way of packaging. Boxes successfully protect most goods. This type of packaging is suitable for the transport and storage of goods and materials. Designed to reduce the time and effort required for manual making of boxes.


In the chemical and cosmetics industry, the food industry



Tape Binding Solutions

Tape strapping solutions (PP, PET or metallic): they are modular and are used for light or heavy applications. The ergonomic design and the right weight reduce the user’s effort, the clamping and gluing operations being electronically controlled. It ensures the uniform placement of the tape and a firm, fast and efficient binding of packages and pallets for storage or transport.

  • Stretching systems that optimize and reduce film consumption in the wrapping process
  • They allow an uninterrupted flow and reduce hidden costs
  • They provide safety to the handlers
  • Able to pack pallets with stretch film, with loads of any shape or weight
  • Includes programmable multi-function control panel

Compress, compact and provide stability by strapping with tape

The strapping equipment – ​​automatic, semi-automatic and for packaging lines, horizontal, vertical, lateral and with compression – is designed to tape all kinds of packaging, easy and quickly. 

Easy-to-use and customizable equipment, used in numerous industrial sectors: wood and construction industry, cardboard, stabilizing pallets with various packaging; metal processing industry etc.

Automatic Strapping Solutions

The equipment can be customized according to package sizes and logistics requirements and can be integrated into transport lines with automatic binding programs. It is easy to use and customize, and used in many industrial sectors: wood and construction industry, cardboard, pallet stabilization with various packaging, metal processing industry, etc.

Pallet Wrapping Solutions

Automatic or semi-automatic pallet wrapping solutions are reliable and durable, designed to quickly and economically wrap your pallets. Wrapping solutions increase the resistance of pallets, eliminate costly film losses and dead time.


Wraps pallets simply, quickly and safely in the industrial field, thus increasing productivity in different industries: aeronautics, automobile, food, transport and logistics, etc.

AUTOMATIC pallet wrapping equipment from Atlanta Stretch.

Automatic pallet wrapping systems work independently of the human operator: they do not need his intervention neither in the stage of catching the film on the roll, nor in the final stage of ejecting the pallet. According to the program set by the operator, the equipment continues wrapping the braid, and when the operation is finished, the pallet is removed. Automatic pallet wrapping equipment offers you maximum productivity in the packaging process. 

Pallet wrapping systems include a wide range depending on the technology used in packaging:

  • pallet wrappers with turntable
  • pallet wrapper with rotating arm
  • pallet wrapping equipment with double rotating arm
  • pallet wrapper with rotating ring

SEMI-AUTOMATIC pallet wrapping equipment from Atlanta Stretch.

Semi-automatic pallet wrappers assume the application of the film under the supervision and with the intervention of the human operator. He will have to position the pallet and manually tie one end of the foil. Then the equipment will continue with the programmed packaging cycle to finish with the final cutting of the film by the operator and the expulsion of the pallet from the equipment.

Semi-automatic pallet wrappers are divided, based on function and structure, into:

  • rotary pallet wrapping equipment
  • pallet wrapping equipment with rotating arm
  • mobile pallet wrappers



Regardless of whether we are talking about the automation of basic processes or you need something completely customized, we provide you with solutions for challenges of any kind.

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