Our solutions cover the entire logistics chain and combine digitization, automation expertise and deep industry knowledge to create efficient and sustainable logistics.

Optimized solutions for increased competitiveness

Innovative automation solutions significantly improve efficiency, speed and dynamics in intralogistics.



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The de-palletizing of raw materials/packaging and palletizing with conventional solutions or with robots have become indispensable for the automation of tasks that require a lot of work in modern production operations, distribution and logistics centers.

paletizare conventionala carteziana

Palletizing / depalletizing with conventional solutions (Cartesian systems)

Cartesian systems are suitable for a wide range of products, with variable weight.

The modular design allows flexibility and optimal integration of systems to obtain high reliability and efficiency of industrial lines.

paletizare depaletizare roboti colaborativi

Palletizing / depalletizing with collaborative robots

Collaborative robots make palletizing / depalletizing processes quick and easy. 

In addition, the flexible automation of palletizing with collaborative robots significantly reduces the involvement of heavy manual work and contributes to maintaining the quality of the goods before they are ready for delivery.

paletizare depaletizare roboti industriali

Palletizing / depalletizing with industrial robots

The high performance of palletizing / depalletizing with industrial robots means high profitability.

High working speed, wide range of action and the possibility of handling heavy objects are some of the advantages of automating palletizing / depalletizing with industrial robots.



In order to compete in today's competitive world, it is important that the key processes in a company are automated. Intelligent transport technologies are part of this successful mix of industrial automation.

transport mecanic conveioare

Mechanical Transport Solutions

Automatic conveyor belts have clear advantages: improved productivity, space savings at the factory level, take up less space than manually operated equipment, lower labor costs and fewer human errors.

With numerous projects carried out in different mechanical transport applications, our team will be at your disposal for any request.

amr roboti logistica

Transport Solutions with Robots

Automate transport and internal logistics, easily and cost-effectively with robotic transport solutions.

Highly adaptable mobile robots can be deployed and redeployed in hours and can move anything from smaller parts to heavy loads and pallets. Regardless of the location – factories, warehouses, distribution centers – autonomous robots always work safely alongside people.



Improve material handling for better safety, productivity and flexibility at work.

manipulare vacuum

Vacuum Manipulators

Manipulators with fixed positions in workstations, loads less than 250 kg.

Manipulators designed to provide physical assistance to operators who have to handle heavy loads.

manipulare sarcini grele pneumatic

Pneumatic Manipulators

Manipulators with fixed positions in workstations, loads less than 1,000 kg.

Pneumatic manipulators ease handling tasks for heavy and very heavy products.

Manipulare ergonomica

Ergonomic manipulators

The solutions allow you to transport, lift/stack, rotate or turn various loads.

Steel equipment with multiple customization possibilities. Various accessories

schimbatoare de paleti toppy

Pallet Changers

When your warehouse is automated, use certain application-specific pallets. The pallet changers allow you to easily change the factory pallets, which you use in the palletizing application, with those for transport.



Co-packaging has become an important competitive advantage for manufacturers because it is a rich area for operational efficiency. In the current economic context, co-packaging has become more and more popular as a means of completing large projects without the need for additional personnel and equipment.

ambalare co-packaging

Co-packaging - secondary packaging

Any of the secondary packaging solutions can be used in co-packaging operations, regardless of whether we are talking about the packaging of products for promotional purposes or the packaging of products for the purpose of resale.

Packaging in cardboard boxes, wraparound and sleeve, packaging in shrink foil and wrapping, blister packaging, packaging in boxes with a lid, forming and sealing cardboard boxes, etc. or packaging for promotional purposes, with shrink wrap or adhesive tape.

ambalare co-packaging tertiara

Co-packaging - tertiary packaging

Secondary packaging makes it easier to safely transport large and/or heavy loads. In addition to the fact that it helps to prevent damage, it also facilitates the handling, storage and transportation of goods. 

As tertiary packaging solutions, we offer you: automatic and semi-automatic pallet wrapping solutions, strapping solutions, complete packaging lines.



rampa 2

Fixed Ramps

The loading ramps are used for loading / unloading various loads in the warehouse. They aim to connect the warehouse level with the ground level. These are indispensable when it comes to significant volumes of logistics work in the warehouse.

rampe mobile

Mobile Ramps

Mobile ramps are special equipment that allow a forklift to load and unload trucks, railway wagons:thanks to its hydraulic system, the ramp serves as a link between the ground level and the body level of a truck, the floor of a railroad car. The mobile ramps work like a mobile bridge and can be adjusted in height.



Complete Lines & turn-key solutions

Flexible automation and attractive intralogistics solutions for the handling of raw materials, products, boxes and pallets.

solutii automatizari la cheie

Complete Solutions

Competence from a single source: the team with deep knowledge and experience; project managers.
Technology from leaders in automation: the use of the most appropriate technical solutions and mechatronic systems.
We cover all project stages:
  • design
  • planning (validation by factory simulation of the most suitable mechanical technologies) for specific system requirements
  • commissioning
  • commissioning / integration
  • service

Through our specialized automation, design and software departments, we offer you:

  • turn-key projects
  • project management
  • software integration with the company systems

Software for Intralogistics

From idea to implementation, we offer specialized assistance through our software department with many active projects in various industrial applications.

Software Applications

Inventory management & order processing

  • Sorting – pick/put by light
  • WMS – warehouse management software
    order management etc.


Material flow and location management

  • data collection


Software for “inbound” logistics:

  • automatic reception (scanning tunnels)
  • manual reception – manual reception of the delivered stock using mobile terminals
  • data collection: automatic collection of item sizes using sizing systems
  • protocols – download, reception and quality control protocols, including all relevant data.
software intralogistica


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