Cost-effective and time-proven efficiency, our solutions use state-of-the-art technologies to protect and identify the products and brands' packaging from all industries, improving their traceability and reducing counterfeiting.

Increase the safety of products with solutions with proven efficiency

In a globalised industry, with increasing competitiveness, ensuring the highest level of traceability is essential.



Traceability has vital benefits: it increases visibility in the supply chain, improves quality control systems and reduces risks.
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Against counterfeiting in the supply chain
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Compliance with LEGAL requirements

Compliance with LEGAL requirements

The supply chain for a single product can be extremely complex, which is why traceability is a legal requirement in many sectors.
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SIC Marking develops innovative solutions for permanent marking and automatic identification for complete traceability of industrial components. For over 25 years, SIC Marking has been designing a full range of exclusive marking equipment: dot peen, scribing and laser marking systems. With industry expertise and unparalleled technical expertise, SIC Marking offers customized and turnkey solutions in a multitude of global sectors.

marcare laser

Laser Marking

Choosing laser marking for component marking as an important part of traceability allows manufacturers to automate marking operations and ensure a high level of control.

This technology uses a high frequency beam generated from a laser source, being recognized as one of the most effective marking technologies.

marcare micropercutie dot peen

Dot Peen Marking

Fast marking, with high performance.

The dot peen marking equipment works by electromechanical hit of a carbide or diamond assembly on the surface of a part that needs to be marked. The result is a sequence of points to create 2D data matrix numbers, text, logos and codes.

marcare gravare scribing

Scribing Marking

Accurate marking with low noise.

Marking by scribing is a marking process by which the mark (text, logo, codes) is produced by a carbide or diamond tip that penetrates and indents the surface. This produces a deep groove that forms continuous lines on round, concave, flat or curved surfaces and on almost any material.


Labeling technologies for various fields, offering advanced functionalities, ease of use and safety.

imprimante de etichete copy

Label Printers

Regardless of whether we are talking about mobile, desktop, medium or industrial printers, we have the right solution for your needs. You can print fixed, variable or barcode information.

print & apply

Print & Apply

Robust, efficient solutions for a complete automation of the labeling process regardless of your activity sector.

consumabile riboane etichete

Consumables (ribbons, labels)

The quality of the print depends on the quality of the consumables. We offer you original, certified consumables, which will ensure both the quality of the print and the extension of the life of the print head.


Manufacturers must diagnose and correct errors in the process of marking and labeling codes as they appear. This is essential to prevent downtime of equipment and to ensure legibility of codes in the product distribution chain.

Verificare integritate etichete

Check the integrity of the labels

The vision systems with surface detection technology will ensure that the application of the labels was done correctly, without wrinkles, air bubbles, tears or other errors. The incorrect application of labels requires manual intervention, slowing down production and presenting challenges to sellers and partners.

Verificare calitate coduri

Quality Codes Check

Labels may have poorly printed, low-contrast, scratched or otherwise hard-to-read codes. Failure to scan a code on a package along the supply chain can slow down production lines and cause costly reprints, wasted products and returns.


Auto ID

Effective solutions to optimize your automated processes in an extremely competitive environment due to the increase in digitization and complex flows of goods: barcode readers, fixed or portable terminals, scanners for retail, mobile computers and other devices to meet the needs of customers data capture.

cititoare de coduri de bare

Barcode Readers

Regardless of whether we are talking about portable or fixed-point readers, for high-speed production lines, we offer you the solution adapted to your needs.

cititoare de coduri de bare cu montare la punct fix cognex

Fixed-mount Barcode Readers

Advanced technology, processing power, modularity and ease of use make fixed-point barcode readers the ideal solution for challenging production and logistics applications.

cititoare coduri de bare

Mobile Computers

Mobile computers are completely independent computers that integrate all peripherals and interfaces necessary for collecting, managing and storing data collected through barcodes.

OCR DPM coduri

Reading information with optical character recognition (OCR)

It is important to confirm all the information on the product, especially those related to product traceability (date, batch, etc.) without slowing down the production line.

RFID citire solutii

RFID Solutions

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology provides real-time data and is used to facilitate most tracking operations while reducing human error.


From idea to implementation, we offer specialized assistance through our software department with many active projects in various industrial applications.

SOFTWARE trasabilitate

Software Applications

We offer a wide range of customized software development services for automatic identification and data capture, software for the management of identification messages, software integration with the client’s ERP, etc. through our specialized industrial software department.



Product counterfeiting has become a global problem and brand owners and manufacturers face many challenges to protect their brands.

serializare tutun medicamente


Assigning a predetermined coding type to each item, giving it a distinct identity through which its location in the supply chain or where it has been during its life cycle can be tracked will protect your brand from counterfeiting and thus, from possible image damage in front of customers.

RFID contrafacere


We can offer you other solutions to protect your brand against counterfeiting: RFID, holograms, security labels, tamper evident labels, etc.



Certain traceability requirements are imposed by law with the main purpose of protecting consumers.
Whether we are talking about food, pharmaceutical products, tobacco or car components,
there are certain traceability requirements regulated by law that must be respected.

Respectarea cerintelor legale

Standard traceability requirements

Traceability requirements generally include product labeling and identification of economic operators in the distribution chain.

Cerinte specifice trasabilitate

Specific requirements

Certain industries, such as the pharmaceutical or tobacco industry, have specific requirements regarding product traceability that must be respected.


Regardless of whether we are talking about the automation of basic processes or you need something completely customized, we provide you with solutions for challenges of any kind.

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