15 YEARS +

More than 15 years ago, we started as a small company, but with a lot of involvement and enthusiasm. Over time, we grew, we expanded the range of process automation solutions that we offer to our clients, constantly improving the efficiency of their businesses. We have expanded as a group to other geographical areas (Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo, Republic of Moldavia, Hungary) and we are not stopping here.

We have cherished people, building a strong and competent team, capable of outstanding performance and results. Thus, we have become an important and recognized player in the market of automation and robotization solutions for industrial processes, with a group turnover of over 20 million euros.



In 2005, Trieurodata was founded to provide greater value to our clients’ businesses through process automation solutions. 

From automatic identification solutions to innovative marking solutions or customized software, for more than 15 years, we have been helping clients to maximize their productivity and thus remain competitive in a continuously evolving market.

Meanwhile, technology and our business have evolved. Trieurodata has grown considerably, both as a team and as the number of solutions offered to clients from various industries. However, our customer-centric approach has remained a constant in our way of doing business.


We have developed the team over time to offer complete solutions to our clients. We have specialized teams of engineers for interventions and maintenance, the robotic design and automation team, but also specialists in industrial software. In this way, we offer more than a single equipment, we offer a complete automation solution, integrated into your technological flow, which will increase your efficiency in the shortest time and with as few headaches as possible. We also have a 2,500 sqm warehouse to store equipment, spare parts and consumables and be able to deliver them when you need them. One supplier for all solutions!


Working in close partnership with the well-known manufacturers of automation solutions in the world, we offer a wide range of state-of-the-art solutions, from marking and identification to automation with robots or turnkey solutions.

But what really sets us apart – and gives us an advantage on the market – is the way we adapt the technology to your needs. The way we look at projects as a whole and search for the best option for your business. And how our expertise and services are always with you, no matter what level your business is at. Based on our experience, we will design a customized solution that complements existing equipment, integrates quickly into the existing flow and transform for the better the productivity.


We have implemented the ISO9001 standard since 2008 precisely to assure you once again that we strictly respect the quality standards. 

Moreover, our teams regularly attend in specific trainings to stay permanently connected to the latest technologies.