Processing in the industrial environment needs both precision and speed. Each application presents unique challenges. Regardless of your application, we will help you find the best solution to improve productivity.

sudare roboti colaborativi

Processing applications with industrial robots

Surface finishing (sandblasting, polishing, grinding, painting), welding, etc.

procesare roboti industriali

Aplicatii de procesare cu roboti industriali

Welding, milling, grinding, turning, drilling, reaming and threading, laser cutting.



Solutions for companies involved in the production of metal parts from coil. We offer punching, punching, cutting, rolling and bending solutions to guarantee high production rates for high-quality finished or semi-finished sheet metal components, from rolled sheet metal. Coil such as standard steel, stainless steel and pre-painted stainless steel, aluminum and any other metal strips can be processed.

alimentare prese cu tabla din role

Dimeco coil handling & Press feed lines from Dimeco

Coil handling solutions and press feed lines, roll forming, coil loading and storage solutions, press accessories.

aplicatii customizate pentru familii de piese

Flexible punching from coil from Dimeco

Solutions that combine flexibility with high volume production. Solutions that use standard cartridge tools, when required can adapt big size die sets, even using some existing tools.

Coil lines are customized to suit specific customer requirements.

Linii de taiere cu laser a tablei din rola

Coil fed laser cutting system Dimeco

Laser cutting lines combine the unparalleled flexibility of laser cutting with the performance of sheet metal feeding solutions.

Coil lines are customized to suit specific material requirements.

linii de formare prin roluire

Rollforming Lines from Dimeco

Starting from coils or from blanks, in steel, aluminum, stainless steel or pre-lacquered, in continuous work or stop&go, lubricated or not, the DIMECO rollforming machines are always made with easily interchangeable cassettes in order to manufacture different profiles on the same motorized bench.

linii de taiere la lungime tabla in rola

Cut to length lines

The integration of coil cut to length operations from usually generates a reduction in the cost of the products, an increase in reactivity to market demand, a better control of the variations in raw material costs; improving quality and reducing stocks.

auxiliare prese

Auxiliaries for presses Rotobloc

Equipment for storing, handling and transporting sheet metal rolls, fixing solutions on the press table of the die/molds, extension support, sheet lubrication devices, ball supports for handling dies/molds.



marcare laser

Laser engraving

The laser beam focuses only on certain surfaces, allowing precise engravings, with good contrast, easy to read on practically any surface.

taiere cu laser

Laser cutting

With many different types of laser solutions available, laser cutting can be performed on most materials This feature makes laser cutting ideal for applications where accuracy and precision are critical to success.

sudare cu laser

Laser welding

When the laser beam interacts with the surface of the material, it melts it so that it can be joined later.

curatare cu laser

Laser cleaning

Laser cleaning is a new innovative process by which contaminants, residues or impurities (carbon, silicone, rubber) are removed from the surface of materials.


Regardless of whether we are talking about the automation of basic processes or you need something completely customized, we provide you with solutions for challenges of any kind.

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