Packaging equipment, equipment integration services and reliable and efficient supplies/packaging for your production or distribution business. We have built strong relationships with suppliers to bring packaging equipment and consumables to meet the needs of our customers.We have the operational capacity to help a company remain competitive in terms of costs, while satisfying the quality requirements of the packaging. We also offer parts supply, localized technical services, packaging materials and consulting services for the optimization of packaging lines through automation and integration.

Optimize the productivity of your manufacturing lines with efficient packaging solutions!

As a manufacturer, you need packaging solutions that you can rely on, that keep up with the speed of your production lines and that protect and promote your products.



Whether you want to pack products, boxes or pallets, we have experience in integrating industrial packaging solutions.
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Regardless of the desired productivity, we can offer you a customized solution.
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Turn-Key Solutions
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Packaging products, boxes or pallets

The automation of the packaging processes will ensure an improved quality control even at the high speed of the production lines, improved access to information and, in addition, a reduced risk of work accidents and reduced staff costs.

ambalare produse

Primary Packaging

Packaging solutions in shrink film

ambalare in cutii

Secondary Packaging

Multipack packaging solutions: wraparound and sleeve, with shrink film and self-adhesive labels, products batching, application of handles, packaging in boxes with lids and cardboard trays; forming and sealing cardboard boxes.

ambalare tertiara

Tertiary Packaging

Wrapping pallets in extensible film, shrink film or with stretch-hood cover. 

Binding solutions with PP or PET tape. 

Packaging optimization

For an efficient packaging, without returns from the market, precision is required in the inspection of the products and their packaging, as well as the verification of the integrity and conformity of the markings, and all this at the high speed of the production lines.

ambalare verificare integritate produse

Product integrity check

With vision systems, you can verify that consumer products and packaged goods do not present defects, minimizing the need to quarantine products and send defective products to the market: product inspection (integrity, quality, defects, orientation of parts before final assembly, etc.) .

ambalare verificare integritate ambalaje

Packaging Check

Defective or damaged packaging affects the way consumers perceive the quality, safety and value of products. To avoid damage and maintain brand loyalty, make sure that the products are assembled correctly, that the packaging is resistant to handling and without defects with the help of vision inspection systems.
ambalare verificare marcaje

Labels and Markings Check

Labeling errors that occur during primary or secondary packaging can affect consumers’ perception of the quality and safety of a product. In order to meet customer expectations, it is important that manufacturers notice labeling defects before their goods reach the market. Vision systems inspection will ensure that the labels are placed correctly and do not have folds, tears or misprints.



paletizare conventionala carteziana

Palletizing / depalletizing with conventional solutions (Cartesian systems)

Cartesian systems are suitable for a wide range of products, with variable weight.

The modular design allows flexibility and optimal integration of systems to obtain high reliability and efficiency of industrial lines.

paletizare depaletizare roboti colaborativi

Palletizing / depalletizing with collaborative robots

Collaborative robots make palletizing / depalletizing processes quick and easy. 

In addition, the flexible automation of palletizing with collaborative robots significantly reduces the involvement of heavy manual work and contributes to maintaining the quality of the goods before they are ready for delivery.

paletizare depaletizare roboti industriali

Palletizing / depalletizing with industrial robots

The high performance of palletizing / depalletizing with industrial robots means high profitability. 

High working speed, wide range of action and the possibility of handling heavy objects are some of the advantages of automating palletizing / depalletizing with industrial robots.



consumabile ambalare


Regardless of whether we are talking about stretch film or adhesive tapes, binding tapes, labels, seals or industrial markers, but also protective equipment, our offer covers the entire range.

ambalaje ambalare

Packaging Materials

Cardboard boxes or cardboard rolls, PET/hdpe bottles, PE or PP foils/bags/covers, or for custom packaging projects we can be at your disposal with a wide range of personalized/non-personalized packaging.

piese de schimb componente industriale

Spare parts and industrial components

Spare parts or industrial components, knives for packaging machines from a large number of specialized manufacturers.



Complete Packaging Lines & Turn-Key Solutions

From the integration of a single equipment to a complete line, our team is at your disposal.

solutii automatizari la cheie

Complete Solutions

Through our specialized automation, design and software departments, we offer you:
  • turn-key projects
  • project management
  • connection to ERP / LMS / WMS systems
We develop and integrate equipment and solutions, mechanical, electrical as well as software; our solutions adapt to the needs of the production lines, which allows an efficient implementation.
Our dedicated and specialized technicians and engineers ensure the development of a wide range of solutions in the field of transport technology, packaging and palletizing. 

Equipment integration software

From idea to implementation, we offer specialized assistance through our software department with many active projects in various industrial applications.

Software Applications

Software integration services for the packaging equipment in your technological flow. 
software industrial ambalare


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