Quality and safety control is increasingly important in the management of any business based on the continuous improvement of competitiveness, in an environment with exponential changes due to market globalization.In order to maintain a good economic performance, companies must use more and more efficient solutions, which aim to minimize losses, re-processing, returns and complaints, prevent errors and satisfy customer requirements. And all this in a matrix of productivity, cost and time, which will guarantee your profit.

Product quality is vital in any business!

And our solutions support you in all stages of its verification



Regardless of the application you have and the environment in which you operate, we offer you reliable weighing systems.
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Vision systems are your ally for various quality inspection applications.
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Products for the safety of products, personnel and equipment operation.
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Weighing Systems

We offer various solutions from mobile weighing systems to laboratory scales and customized solutions. This includes a wide range of components, electronic solutions and software, for industrial automation and system integration.

indicatoare de cantarire

Weight Indicators

The weight indicators have a digital screen with customizable information, for connecting to weighing platforms. 

celule de cantarire dini argeo

Weighing cells & weighing kits

Reliability and reading accuracy in automatic industrial weighing systems

solutii cantarire mobile

Mobile Weighing Solutions

Manual or electric pallet trucks with integrated weighing, scales for cranes, special scales for pallets.

cantare industriale dini argeo

Industrial Scales

Multifunctional scales and laboratory balances. Scales for specific applications, for the food industry and retail.

axe de cantarire dini argeo

Weighing Axes

Weighing platforms that allow you to calculate the weight of a vehicle in transit, adding up the different axles, weighed either stationary or moving.

sisteme de cantarire atex

ATEX weighing solutions (for hazardous environments)

The vast majority of weighing systems are also available in the ATEX certified version, for hazardous environments.



Quality Inspection

In order to maintain consumer loyalty and avoid costly returns from the market, precision is required in the quality inspection of the products as well as in the integrity and correctness of the assemblies checking . The conformity of markings is another important component in the quality inspection of a product.

inspectie nivel de umplere cognex

Products and Components Inspection

Product inspection involves checking integrity, quality, defects, orientation of parts before final assembly, etc. With vision systems, you can check if the products and packaged goods have flaws, if the filling level is the correct one in the case of liquids or if the closing of the product is correct, reducing the number of products returned from the market.

ambalare verificare integritate ambalaje

Assembly Inspection

A package with the products, the lack of it affects the way in which consumers perceive the quality, safety, and value of the product, as well as the brand. In order to avoid damage and to retain your loyalty to your brand, make sure that the products are assembled in accordance with the specifications and that the assembly is complete and the package is the correct one, with the help of the inspection of the vision.

Verificare integritate etichete

Markings Inspection

Labeling errors that occur during packaging can affect consumers’ perception of the quality and safety of a product. In order to meet customer expectations, it is important that manufacturers notice labeling defects before their goods reach the market. Inspections with vision systems will ensure that the labels are placed correctly and do not show folds, tears or wrong printing.



The safety of sensitive products, of personnel and their interaction with equipment and machinery in an enterprise, are all concerns of modern companies.

covoare industriale

Employees Safety

Mats for professional use: a wide range of ergonomic, anti-static, entrance, anti-fatigue and safety carpets for industrial, commercial and food service environments.

siguranta protectie perne aer

Products Safety

The protection of sensitive products, of those with irregular shapes, is important when it is necessary to transport and handle them.

lumini de siguranta

Operation Safety

Optoelectronic safety devices (sensors) are mandatory for the protection of operators and people in general, in potentially dangerous areas, installations and machines, in a wide range of industries and applications, from production to logistics.



Complete lines & turn-key solutions

From the integration of a single equipment to a complete line, our team is at your disposal.

solutii automatizari la cheie

Complete Solutions

Through our specialized automation, design and software departments, we offer you:
  • turn-key projects
  • project management 
  • connection to ERP / LMS / WMS systems
We develop and integrate equipment and solutions, mechanical, electrical as well as software; our solutions adapt to the needs of the production lines, which allows an efficient implementation.
Our dedicated and specialized technicians and engineers ensure the development of a wide range of solutions in the field of transport technology, packaging and palletizing. 

Equipment integration software

From idea to implementation, we offer specialized assistance through our software department with many active projects in various industrial applications.

Software Applications

Software integration services for the packaging equipment in your technological flow. 
software industrial ambalare


Regardless of whether we are talking about the automation of basic processes or you need something completely customized, we provide you with the solutions for challenges of any kind.

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