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Consumables are essential for maintaining the production flow and reducing downtime. We are constantly updating and improving the range of consumables to meet customer requirements. We are also at your disposal with customized packaging projects. Save precious time and avoid unanticipated interruptions in production by means of consumables contracts:

- Avoid expensive orders for the last moment
- Maintain the price level of consumables throughout the contract for a clear internal budget
-Reduce the internal stock through regular deliveries, agreed in advance

consumabile cerneluri aditivi

Inks and Additives

Conceived to realize the safe marking of packaging and products in most industrial fields. They make markings in strong contrast and are resistant to water / fading, etc. It adheres perfectly to any surface: PE, PP, PVC, PA, etc. and any color

consumabile etichete riboane

Labels and Ribbons

In rolls or sheets, blank or printed, self-adhesive labels are produced from different materials: paper, plastic, PA, PE, nylon, satin, etc., according to the specific size of each client. Ribbons allow printing information on paper (those with wax), on paper or synthetic (those with wax and resin), on plastic (those with resin)

consumabile folie stretch

Stretch Film

It can be supplied in a wide range of variants: automatic, manual, mini roll, standard type, power, super power, transparent, black, white, customized, with UV, VCI properties. In addition, we respond to the personalized requirements of each client

cutii, role, paleti, separatoare, coltare tuburi din carton

Carton boxes, rolls, pallets, dividers, corners & tubes

They can be supplied both customized and blank. Cardboard structure: CO2, CO3, CO5, CO7, with various thicknesses and qualities. In addition, we deliver customized requirements to the clients

consumabile benzi adezive

Adhesive Tapes

Transparent adhesive tapes, brown or white, with various lengths, customized or not, with different types of adhesive. We respond to the customized requirements of each client

consumabile benzi pentru legat

Straps for Binding

Straps for binding from PP, PET, PES, metal, in a varied range of thicknesses, band widths or lengths. We respond to the customized requirements of each client

consumabile folii saci huse

Films, Bags, Covers

Made of PE or PP, they can be supplied in rolls, pre-cut or cut, both in the standard version and with special properties: anti-corrosive, electrostatic, with UV protection, etc. They are created to cover applications such as: protection, contractibility

consumabile containere din plastic

Plastic Containers

Plastic pallets, shuttles, industrial containers for dairy, fruit, fish, bread, meat, plastic baskets, foldable or not, stackable or not, together with the entire range of lids and accessories necessary for transport

consumabile sigilii industriale

Industrial Seals

Metal, Plastic, Wired, Electronic, RFID, Secure Bags, Secure Tape, ID Wristbands, Sealing Wires, Secure Tags, Secure Envelopes, Fire Extinguisher Bags, Pallet Bags, etc.

consumabile hartie


Conceived to realize the safe marking of packaging and products in most industrial fields. They make markings in strong contrast and are resistant to water / fading, etc. It adheres perfectly to any surface: PE, PP, PVC, PA, etc. and any color

consumabile solutii protectie marfa

Merchendise Protection Solutions

The varied range of solutions for protecting different types of goods, packed in boxes, during transport: products for filling the free space in the box – air cushions, paper, granules, organic fluff, etc., but also the equipment that produces them

consumabile adezivi industriali

Industrial Adhesives

Created to guarantee durable adherence on materials such as: wood, plastic, glass, metal, ceramic, paper, leather, etc. Types: water-based/ animal fat/ starch/ polymers/ EVA, SIS, SBS/ Hot Melt polyamide, polyurethane, etc.

consumabile flacoane


Made of PET or HDPE, the vials we propose are available in a wide range of capacities, from 0.01l to 10l or canisters. We can also cover the specific to each individual application

consumabile caserole

Plastic Trays

Made of plastic cardboard, polystyrene, aluminum or biodegradable materials, of various shapes and weights, we offer a particularly wide range of casseroles and lids for the safe packaging of food products

consumabile covoare industriale

Industrial Mats

For dry areas, for wet areas, electro-insulating, special, for the food industry, anti-bacterial, anti-fatigue, anti-slip, in rolls or pieces. In addition, we respond to the customized requirements of each client

echipament protectie

Protection Equipement

Varied range of gloves, overalls, t-shirts, helmets, etc., intended for every industrial field. Customized variants, specific colors / materials, depending on the needs of each client. Surgical masks, gloves, disinfectants

cutie industriale piese de uzura

Industrial Knives and Wear Parts for Packaging Machines

Aseptic knives, circular, crush and anvil, for extrusion and guillotine, for filling and applying caps, heel and planner, overwrap, for perforation, punching, sachet, scissors, sleever, obvious tamper, window, etc.

consumabile markere industriale

Industrial Markers

With liquid/solid paint, for welding, with ink, safety and security, universal, for carpentry, for hot surfaces, temporary, with aerosols, for marking animals, holders for markers, mechanical markers, etc.



We are spare parts and industrial components supply specialists. We help you create an efficient supply chain with a positive impact on the evolution of your company.

piese de schimb hidraulica


Faucets / Valves / Valves / Distributors / Hoses / Fittings / Hydraulic cylinders etc.

piese de schimb pneumtica


Pneumatic cylindres / Distributors / Grippers / Fittings / Pneumatic tubes etc

piese de schimb motoare softstartere

Motors and Soft Starters

Synchronous / Asynchronous / Direct current / Alternating current / Step by step / Motion controllers etc

piese de schimb aparatura de tablou

Electrical Control Panel

Fuses / Circuit Breakers / Relays / PLCs / Power Supplies / Fiber Optic Cables / Marine Cables / Fire Resistant Cables / Conductors, etc

piese de schimb filtre industriale

Industrial Filters

For process / For fluid cleaning / For air pollution control / For separation / Automatic machines / Filtration systems / Varied range of elements and accessories, etc.

piese de schimb senzori industriali

Industrial Sensors

Inductive / Capacitive / Photoelectric / For special applications / Distance / Level / With optical fiber, etc.

piese de schimb pompe industriale

Industrial pumps

Hot water circulation / Surface / Submersible / High pressure / Rotary / With positive displacement

componente industriale ethernet

Ethernet Solutions

Switches / Fiberlink solutions / Electrical boxes/panels / Video surveillance solutions / Control equipment, etc. 

piese de schimb securitate industriala

Solutions for Industrial Security

Security sensors /  Security relays / Safety barriers etc.

piese de schimb solutii control industrial

Industrial Control Solutions

Switches / Light columns with acoustic and visual signaling devices / Transformers, etc. 

piese de schimb computere industriale

Industrial Computers

Industrial notebooks / shock-resistant materials tablets for use in harsh working environments, etc.

frane electromagnetice

Electromagnetic Brakes

Electromagnetic brakers / Rectifiers / Sensors etc. for AC/DC


Regardless of whether we are talking about the automation of basic processes or you need something completely customized, we provide you with solutions for challenges of any kind.

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