Collaborative robots

Collaborative robots, or cobots, are an ideal productivity tool for almost any manufacturer because they help you tackle real challenges and become more competitive.
Discover together with our team how you can develop your business, improve productivity, enhance quality, and provide a better working environment for your employees.

trieurodata integrator certificat universal robots

Certified Universal Robots Integrator

Our company is a certified Universal Robots integrator.
This means that we don't just offer you a robot, but a complete solution. We discuss and analyze your application and expectations, select the appropriate robotic arm and gripper, provide a 1:1 simulation of the solution, and integrate the complete solution into your production line.
But that's not all, we also offer service and maintenance for as long as you need it, anywhere in the country, with our dedicated team of over 20 engineers.
And yes, if you need it, our company also provides the necessary financial support for acquiring the solution. You will discover that it is a good investment with multiple benefits and a quick return on investment.

Almost any manufacturer can benefit from collaborative robots. When would you like to start?

We won't spend much time convincing you about the benefits of the solution. The thousands of installations worldwide and case studies from companies in various industries are publicly available and have probably already piqued your interest.
We simply want to guide you in choosing an experienced partner who understands your business and can always be there for you.

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Productivity and efficiency

Collaborative robots (cobots) enhance your processes and help you quickly address challenges while being cost-effective. 

Cobots are capable of automating common manual processes across many industries. Because they are more accessible and easier to use than traditional industrial robots, many companies choose to employ cobots to reduce costs, improve quality, and stay ahead in their business.

Automate repetitive tasks

Collaborative robots, or cobots, can be assigned to jobs that are repetitive, in unhygienic or hazardous environments.

They excel at tedious, repetitive work and do not require breaks, enabling them to work 24/7.

This provides your employees with the opportunity to focus more on skilled and creative work, benefiting your business and enhancing their well-being. It also has positive implications for recruitment and retention, as employees can be relieved from monotonous tasks.

Improve quality, reducing costs

It is challenging for humans to perform tasks with the same precision day after day, but cobots can work with 100% consistency.

A cobot is the right resource when you have processes that require a high level of precision. 

Cobots can save you money in terms of waste, while simultaneously improving productivity. These are real savings that you can pass on to your customers in terms of costs or retain within the company.

Flexibility in applications.
Easy to set up and use.

Cobots offer maximum flexibility in automation. They can seamlessly integrate with various tools such as grippers, vision systems, and accessories to perform different types of tasks. 

This helps you associate multiple processes with the same robot, without incurring the expenses associated with traditional industrial automation.

Cobots are compact, lightweight, and easy to move from one task to another without significant workspace modifications.

Why choose us?


A seasoned team with an average tenure of over 5 years.


Strategic partnerships with major players in the market, both for robotic arms and accessories.

The experience

Over 20 robot projects completed in the past 2 years across various industries.

Financial support

We offer financial support for acquiring the solution.


proiect roboti colaborativi automotive

Projects with robots in the automotive industry

Automation of engine screwing processes
Automation of quality inspection processes - oil leakage, robotic vision camera
Automation of handling processes for tightening/screwing systems in engines

Projects with robots in the woodworking industry

Painting applications
Sanding applications

polisare lemn cu roboti colaborativi
paletizare industria constructiilor roboti

Projects with robots in the construction industry

Palletizing construction materials

Projects with robots in the metalworking industry

Pick and place & applications
CNC loading applications
Laser marking and micro-perforation applications

roboti prelucrare metale sudura
paletizare industria alimentara roboti ur

Projects with robots in the food industry

Pick and place & applications
Multiple palletizing applications with complex layouts and patterns


ambalare si paletizare cu roboti colaborativi

Packaging & Palletizing

pick place roboti colaborativi


alimentare cnc roboti colaborativi

CNC Tending

asamblare roboti colaborativi


insurubare roboti colaborativi universal robots


Polisare roboti colaborativi


lipire roboti colaborativi ur

Soldering and welding

inspectia calitatii roboti colaborativi universal robots

Quality Inspection

Do you have an application that is not listed above?

No problem! contact us: our team offers free consultation for your project.


Turnkey solution for palletizing using Universal Robots collaborative robots. Our palletizing cell is plug-and-play, providing the customer with a solution that works immediately upon delivery/installation.

What’s included:


Palletizing cell equipped with pallet positioning sensors (left/right) 850mm height pedestal for robot mounting Universal Robots UR 10e-series collaborative robot Vacuum-based box gripping system (gripper) Robot software program for palletizing according to customer requirements


Robot lifting system (lift) to enable high palletizing (1.9m) Infeed conveyor for box feeding to the robot Cardboard separator support.


Improved working conditions for employees and reduced number of accidents and medical conditions

  • Quick return on investment
  • Optimized workspace – minimal footprint
  • No advanced programming skills required for robot programming
  • No monitoring required due to palletizing program and existing sensors
  • Continuous operation without breaks, resulting in high productivity and quality
  • Versatility – palletizing scheme can be easily modified.



NEW – UR30

The Universal Robots UR3 collaborative robot

The UR3 collaborative robot has the smallest payload capacity in the entire UR range, which is 3 kg.

UR3-roboti colaborativi
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Screwing bottle caps with UR3 in the Marka company from Italy.

Cobot UR3

Range: 500 mm
Payload: 3 kg
Footprint: Ø 128 mm
Weight: 11 kg

The Universal Robots UR5e collaborative robot

With the UR5e industrial robot arm, you can automate processes and tasks that weigh up to 5 kg.

UR5 roboti colaborativi
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Feeding laser marking CNC with collaborative robot

Cobot UR5e

Range: 850 mm
Payload: 5 kg
Footprint: Ø 149 mm
Weight: 18,4 kg

The Universal Robots UR10e collaborative robot

With a higher payload capacity, the UR10e can lift up to 12.5 kg. This translates to better outcomes and increased productivity, 24 hours a day.

UR10 robot colaborativ cobot
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Cobotii UR10 optimizeaza linia de asamblare la Ford Romania

Cobot UR10e

Range: 1300 mm
Payload: 12.5 kg
Footprint: Ø 190 mm
Weight: 33.5 kg

The Universal Robots UR16e collaborative robot

With its 16 kg payload capacity, the UR16e helps reduce costs, ergonomic risks, and downtime associated with heavy object handling. Its small footprint of 900 mm makes the UR16e ideal for applications such as heavy material handling and CNC machine feeding.

universal robot 16e roboti
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Cobot UR16e

Range: 900 mm
Payload: 16 kg
Footprint: Ø 190 mm
Weight: 33.1 kg

The Universal Robots UR20 collaborative robot

Adaptable to a wide range of applications, with a reach of 1750 mm and a payload of 20 kg, the latest generation collaborative robot from Universal Robots is now more ready than ever to enhance your performance.

ur20 roboti automatizare

Cobot UR20

Range: 1750mm
Payload: 20 kg
Footprint: Ø 245 mm
Weight: 64 kg


The Universal Robots UR30 collaborative robot

The UR30 can lift large payloads in a collaborative manner while maintaining a compact footprint.

Range: 1300 mm
Payload: 30 kg
Footprint: Ø 245 mm
Weight: 63.5 kg

ur20 roboti automatizare

You can download the complete presentation of collaborative robots from Universal Robots.


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